Climate Change Causing Chaos

Environmental Science is defined as a branch of biology focused on the study of the relationships of the natural world and the relationships between organisms and their environments.  Now that definition is just a long winded way of saying that it is a study of the environment.  A study of the environment seems extremely broad and a little too much to cover in a blog post but were going to cover as much as possible.  The main thing to know about in the environmental science world is Climate Change.  So many examples of climate change have begun not only around the country but right in our own towns.


As far as climate change around the country, California has been hit with a drought that has lasted 5 years.  Luckily the drought is finally coming to an end, but people are questioning if this is really a good thing.  At first people were panicking because the land was drying up and most of California was in an extreme drought.  Over a year ago 88% of the state was in severe drought because of climate change.  Now finally after 5 years that percentage has been lowered to about 58%.  The beginning and end of the drought are both examples of climate change. Because of rising levels of carbon dioxide heat trapping gases have warmed the Earth significantly.  This has caused not only droughts in California but Polar ice caps to met also.


I feel like we have been hearing about the ice caps melting for years, paired up with the extinction of the Polar Bears. (Which is heart breaking for me because they happen to be my favorite animals).  The polar ice caps melting is causing a significant rise in sea level which is causing other issues just in itself.  The rise in sea level has not only been affecting the snow covered continents but it is having an affect right here in the United States in Louisiana.  Check out this cool site NASA put together in order to keep people informed about climate change!


Even more locally climate change has affected us here in New Jersey.  Just this past week we have gone from beautiful Spring weather to a snow storm.  This change might not seem has harmful as a drought or rising sea level but it is just another example of how everyone is affected by climate change.  Even if it is as small as a Spring day in the middle of winter.


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